Little Lambs Academy Fall 2015 Classroom Poll

Dear Little Lambs Academy Parents,

As we go into the school year, we are looking to make sure our classrooms, teachers and programs are still meeting your { and our } expectations and doing things the “Little Lambs Way!”

Please help us provide feedback and improve each classroom by completing these anonymous polls. Please provide as many details and comments as necessary, when commenting you do not need to stay anonymous if you would like to share specifics, as we will not disclose your names or specific information with the teachers, only make improvements as we see fit.

We, your Directors, want to make sure that your child is receiving the highest quality of care in all areas and early education. We also want to make sure that things are done “The Little Lambs Way” and most importantly, the children are treated as special as if they were the only child at Little Lambs.

We will use the results of this poll to provide ongoing feedback and training for our staff and are happy to address any concerns. We also love to provide great feedback and give credit where it is due when teachers go above and beyond! There are many areas of improvement, that we already know and feel, so your feedback will be important to help us identify things we may not see as well.

Your children are treasures! We are so thankful you chose Little Lambs Academy for your family.

Meadow and Pasture Poll: 





Beyond School


What are we doing to ensure Little Lambs Academy is held to the highest standard of cleanliness? Protocol for when something contagious is identified in our facility.

I wanted to reach out to our parents on a couple of very important subjects to Nick and I, your Directors of Little Lambs.

We have made some huge changes to our systems as of lately, to ensure that Little Lambs is not only clean and sanitized but that it holds the absolute highest level of cleanliness. It is our responsibility to do all we can to keep your children healthy with anything that is preventable. While there are some viruses that we cannot contain when they spread, there are other things that can be prevented by going the extra measure and we want to make sure we always go the extra mile and take those extra measures.

We have brochures upfront that describe the Extreme Cleaning team that we recently switched to and use for our cleanings. Their website is We had them come do a “Deep Clean” during our week off in August of the entire facility and were so impressed that we decided to go with them full time for the entire facility. What I love about them? They take their job seriously and ours. I quote the owner Mike Polichetti, “Our job is to make sure we do an excellent job in what we do, so that you can focus on taking care of the children.”

 We also have our staff cleaning during the day, sanitizing toys and surfaces during rest times and at the end of the day and have their specific duties posted in the classrooms. We are organized and on top of the cleaning. We carry a full supply of bleach and Lysol and use them in the evenings and at the end of the day, even prior to the cleaning team arriving. We also carry an entire line of all natural products that are top rated by the EWG (you can look them up on this site under The Healthy Home Company – Product CLEAN as well as TOUGH) as being toxic free from The Healthy Home Company. We use these products during the day when children are putting toys in their mouths and breathing the air in all day.  It is an extra investment we have taken to make sure that your children are getting what they need and when they need it!
Handwashing is an important part of your child’s day and all of our staff as well. Children wash hands several times throughout the day and staff are asked to wash hands and/ or sanitize prior to changing classrooms as well as doing so often throughout the day. We ask them to wash hands as much as possible in between holding or touching the children. This is not always possible but we also have antibacterial hand soap throughout the facility, which parents are also welcome to use!
It is so important to us that you all know that the last thing we ever like to hear is if your child has become ill. We care about them and we know what a toll it can take on you, as parents, to take care of sick children as well.
Our protocol when something does go around Little Lambs is as follows:
  •  We will do our best to keep you all informed when there is something going around. When there is something that parents need to be aware of, we will send out an email and if it is early enough in the day to have our Office Manager send out letters, we will do that as well.
  • We do combine classrooms and alternate classrooms to do special events, etc. and when there is something going around the we need to contain and minimize exposure, we will not be doing so. We will communicate this with our teachers and will also let them know when they can go ahead and do that.
 Here is one of the most important details that we would like you, the parents, to help us with. IF YOU ARE ILL, please call ahead to the office and ask us to meet you. We would be more than happy to come get your child from outside and also bring your child back out at the end of the day, rather than putting the other children at risk. If you have a child with you who is ill, please also call ahead, so that we can either bring your child in and out or watch your other child in the car, while you communicate with teachers and staff and do drop offs and pick ups.
Sibling policy: While we encourage family interaction, it not only becomes a health hazard to have siblings coming into the various classrooms who may be in a different school or district and are exposed to so many more things going around, it also can take away from the program by making the classrooms busier at drop off and pick up. Please speak with the Director for protocol regarding this. All siblings LOVE to come in and see the other children, but we are asking they no longer come into the classroom unless there is special permission. We can bring the siblings out to see them.
Parents in the classroom: same goes for Parents who work in healthcare or have contact with lots of other children. We encourage you to be present and come in, but PLEASE be mindful! If you do work in those environments, we welcome you to use our Staff Restroom at the end of the Little Lambs hallway prior to pick up to wash your hands! We never have any trouble with our parents, but just in case, it is great to have a policy in place! 🙂
Lastly, it is important that you know, we are informed by New York State Department of Health, regarding things that are going around locally. We familiarize ourselves with this information and our Head Teachers as well, so they have signs of what to look for! As always, our Parent Handbook is a terrific resource for our parents, in regards to how long your child may need to stay home when they come down with something.
Thank you all for your cooperation and communication! We are always looking for ways to improve and to take the very best care of your little ones!
Your Children Are Treasures,
Nick and Kelly Kohler

Little Plates… Made with GREAT love.

Lydias logo

We are excited to announce that Little Lambs Academy will be adding a food program to our Center!

You may have seen our “Little Plates…coming soon” signs as you enter our facility. This is not going to be your typical Day Care Center Food Program and we have been taking our time getting it started so that this program is the absolute best for your children {and ours}. We would like to explain a little more about what Little Plates will be and get your feedback as far as what is important to you!

Little Plates will be serving fun, creative and healthy family style meals for our Little Lambs Academy children. Meals will be “home cooked” daily, fresh and will create an entirely different eating experience every day for our children. They will set the table, serve the food and connect over their lunches. They will try new foods as they are presented in fun and friendly ways! Our chef will be looking for ways to sneak in healthy options and get all of the children excited about their meals. You will receive a weekly menu that has been approved by our nutritionist and we will do our best to provide ingredients that are organic, fresh, local and non processed.

Bringing your children the best meals possible is our priority while making it affordable to all. We would like to gather some information from you so please take a few moments and help us by providing your feedback below.

(We understand the microwave being helpful for lunches at times. We, too, heat up meals for our children. Blog post coming soon about the short term and long term effects of using the microwave and how it effects their immune system.)

Thank you for your participation! This is very important to us and providing only excellence in our programs is our priority. Stay tuned for more! Any questions or specific health needs please contact

Your Children are Treasures so… they deserve Little Plates made with GREAT love! 

Celebrate Diversity



 Above Nick on the right with his best friends Michael and Raymond, age 4

Celebrating Diversity is very important to us here at Little Lambs Academy! It is something we celebrate each and every day but we are excited to set aside the first week of June to learn new things about each other!

No two of our children at Little Lambs are alike, even each of the sets of twins. We are taking the week to celebrate and highlight the many differences that the children have and their background and family traditions!

The understanding that we are all unique and special and celebrating our differences is a subject that is very dear to Nick and Kelly. For those of you that don’t know Nick and Kelly grew up traveling the world as they were both in military families. Nick was born in Hawaii and Kelly was born in Germany and between the two of them throughout their lives they moved over 30 times and visited many different countries where they got to make new friends from all over the globe and from all different walks of life. It was not called Diversity to them, it was called making new friends.

Every child is special and each one has a different story to learn and share here at Little Lambs!


Preschool Remodel – For those of you wondering, “What are they up to now?”

Hi again!

I wanted to write our Parents a quick post so you know what is going on as the next few weeks are big project weeks for us around here!

Here is the timeline for construction. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better… but by May 4th it will be all back together and looking STUNNING! 

April 13th , TODAY! – WALL going in between the Older Toddler Classroom (The Woods) and the 3-4 Year olds Classroom (The Village) . Big windows so you can see from class to class, but insulation so you cannot hear!

April 14th – 20th … EVERY EVENING and over the weekend – Our friends from Cornerstone Construction are coming in after we close and are completely renovating the walls. We are ripping out all of the old hall closets as well as the “indented area” in the hallway. (No more ABC, 1, 2, 3.) They are adding big, bright and open windows so that we can see in and have the open feeling that the “Grassland” has! They will work every night and be finished by the following weekend. This will add more square footage to the rooms and it will feel so much nicer!

May 3rd – Brand new carpet in BOTH the Woods and The Village! Unless they can get it installed one week earlier… then we will take it!

We have been working our way through the older toddler classroom as well as the 3-4 year old’s Preschool room, lately! Our friends from the church came in and upgraded the windows for us and we put the door to the outside with a path for our future 2nd playground. Our Pre K, Creative Kids and Beyond School are now in the other part of the building!  (How do you like the hallway? We no longer have to walk through the kitchen! )

So… hang tight Parents of 2-4 year olds… it will be a bit of a transition, but the best is DEFINITELY yet to come!

Your children are treasures… they deserve the best! 


Music Program at Little Lambs


All of our classrooms incorporate music, dance and instruments into their daily routine. From Infants to Pre K, everyone loves music time. It is an essential and important time of the day in the life of a child! Starting next week, we are very excited to add our Music Program to our afternoons here at Little Lambs! 

Our new music teacher, Miss Eleni Reyes, has several years experience working with children in group settings teaching music and is an amazing musician herself. Her kindness and charisma draws children to her and they love her. 

The Schedule of Music Classes is as follows: 


2:00 – 2:30 PreK

2:30- 3:00 Preschool

3:00-3:30 Toddlers 



2:00 – 2:30 PreK

2:30- 3:00 Preschool

3:00-3:30 Toddlers 

3:30 – 4:00 Beyond School 


Fridays: ” Music With Miss Gi!” 

2:30 PreK & Preschoolers 

3:00 Toddlers 


Program will include Music Basics, Music Note of the Week, Exploring Instruments and different types of Music, Fundamentals of Performance and much more. Our children will perform for their parents at our Spring Performance! (Date TBA) 

Miss Eleni will teach music on Mondays and Fridays and the teachers will also incorporate some of what they are working on in music, into their daily circle times. Miss Eleni has coordinated her music lessons with what the teachers are working on in the classrooms as well. 

On Fridays, we will have “Music Time with Miss Gi!” Our awesome Toddler Assistant, Miss Gianna, will be doing music time with the children in the afternoon. Miss Gianna plays the guitar and the drums and will incorporate that into her program, we think that will be the perfect way to end our week, every week! 




Creative Kids


Tomorrow is the first day of our Creative Kids Art Program! 

Our Art Program will help your children to explore their creativity and senses through art.

All classes Toddlers to Pre K will now have a dedicated half hour per day for our Art Program! This is on top of their Daily Circle Time and Centers, as our teachers will still be preparing lessons that incorporate exploration of senses, crafts, stories, math and science. This will not take away from anything they are currently learning and will only add to our program! 

Lessons will include colors and how to mix them to make other colors, how to draw, free painting time, creative crafts that go with the Theme and Lesson of the Week in their existing classes and much more.

Every week there will be a featured “Artist” of the week.

Each child will be creativing their own “Art Portfolio.”Some art will go home in a folder and some will stay in their portfolio or fill our walls with color! Either way, you will read about it and have the opportunity to see it in the weekly art logs from our art teacher, Mrs. Adele Hemsworth, so you know what your child is working on.

Our Class Schedules have changed a bit as a result of the program, we will be posting new class schedules in the classroom and will have them up on our new website very soon for you to see. Feel free to ask your child’s teacher what the new schedule is. Lunch and Naptime will not be effected by the change.

Parents: What do we need from you?

We have smocks/ aprons for all of the Preschool and Pre K children, but the toddlers need a smock (old t shirt of yours- something that FULLY covers their clothes) if you have not brought on in already.

In the next week or so, we would ask you to bring in a LARGE TWO POCKET FOLDER that will stay here for the most part, but sometimes go back and forth to home on Fridays, to return on Mondays. That will help keep your child’s artwork from getting crumpled up… and since there will be a lot of it, it will keep it organized! We will send out reminders before next weekend 🙂

Can’t wait to see all the fun that we have with Creative Kids!

Your children are Treasures! We can’t wait to see what they create!